Why is the CGA needed

The underground facility network in Saskatchewan is growing and as a result the stakes are higher for employers and workers as buried facilities become increasingly congested.

Stakeholders in the underground community include excavators, locators, planners as well as facility owners.  To date, there has been tremendous effort given to enhancing the safety of various underground operations focusing on both facility and worker protection by a number of individual groups. The CGA will give Saskatchewan the opportunity to play a part in a new collective approach to damage prevention and worker safety in the province.  Following the lead of many jurisdictions across North America, several key employers in Saskatchewan have been looking for ways to collectively renew and enhance our approach to damage prevention and underground worker safety in the Province through the creation and promotion of Best Practices.

Understanding the value of a collective approach, Saskatchewan industry partners are committed to adopt the model established in most North American jurisdictions. This member driven association is dedicated to ensuring public safety, worker safety, environmental protection and the integrity of facilities and services by promoting effective damage prevention practices.