Public Awareness and Education Committee

This well established SCGA Committee is challenged to promote safety and important SCGA initiatives to key stakeholders and the public throughout Saskatchewan. This group integrates the effort of the Contractor Safety Awareness Association(CSAA) and their successful Contractor Breakfasts into the SCGA since 2015. Other campaigns such as April Safe Digging Month and leveraging national branding strategies for the SCGA will be the focus of this group.

The Committee is made up of the following participants:

SCGA Public Awareness and Education Committee
  Name Representing
Board Sponsor Nidahl Dabghi SaskPower
Chair Erin Rodger Sask 1st Call
Vice Chair Jason Matity SaskPower
Members Annette Goski WCB
  Bob Ross Energy Safety Canada
  Al Goldstone HCSAS
  Steve Wallace Wallace Safety
  Garry Aveyard SaskTel
  Cindy Romanyk TEML

Any members that are interested in participating in this initiative are urged to contact the SCGA. If you wish to participate, please contact