Dig Safe Month

April 1st marks the official start of Dig Safe Month and the unofficial start to the digging season!

Before completing roadwork, infrastructure or home improvements, it is crucial to be mindful and understand the risks of ground disturbance (any work or activity that results in a disturbance of earth) by planning ahead and understanding where it is safe to dig. The SCGA and Sask 1st Call proudly supports April Dig Safe Month and is dedicated to increasing public awareness about the importance of digging safely around underground and overhead infrastructure. April Safe Dig month is the unofficial start of spring digging season and is a reminder to homeowners and contractors to request a line locate before starting any projects and ensure safety through safe digging practices. The SCGA was first granted Dig Safe Month designation in 2011. The SCGA utilizes national Dig Safe branding for damage prevention and integrate it in SCGA communication and promotion. Every year, underground lines are being damaged by digging activities that lead to service interruption and can cause incidents that lead to significant environmental contamination and serious injuries.

Practicing safety during projects is essential as incidents can be very costly, preventable and dangerous. Plan ahead on your projects, request a line locate, request permits or permissions if required and practice safe digging practice all year around.

Here are some ways you can prepare: