Contractor DIG SAFE Breakfast

Important message regarding 2020 Contractor DIG SAFE Breakfasts & COVID-19

The SCGA’s Public Awareness and Education Committee organize and execute these annual presentations during April’s ‘Safe Digging’ month. We invite you to attend where you will hear more about steps to safe ground disturbance before you start any digging project.

In 2019, ’30’ contractor safety breakfasts were held in ’30’ different communities across the Province. 6 team leads from supporting organizations delivered the presentation and video to over 3000 attendees.

In the past five years more than 17,000 have been to one of these breakfasts about digging safe and we appreciate the 21 industry sponsors that have supported these efforts.

The 2019 video recap

  • A line contact in east Regina caused havoc for hundreds of people and luckily the impact was contained due to emergency preparedness of those who responded
  • A homeowner, digging without a proper locate, almost burned down his house when replacing a fence
  • Dozens of businesses were halted when a fibre line was cut
  • A contractor told us the pain of dealing with the aftermath of an incident, including the impact to your business and reputation


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