Best Practices Manual

In the spring of 2022, the CCGA released Best Practice Version 4.0. This includes updates developed through regional and stakeholder consensus. The SCGA Committee works closely with Saskatchewan members and the national group to ensure an up to date and sustainable document. The Best Practices Manual is now available to download and print.

What’s new?

The pandemic affected the Best Practice committee as much as it affected everything else in our lives. Despite the challenges, the committee continued to meet virtually and reached consensus on several best practice proposals. The CCGA added and amended multiple practices that appear in Version 4.0.

The following modifications were approved by the Best Practices Committee and CCGA Board:

• Modification to Practice 4-16, Marking Preservation
• Modification to Practice 4-11, Locate Verification
• New addition to Appendix “A”, Hand Digging
• Modification to Practice 4-2, Privately Owned Facility Awareness
• Update of Regulator Name, Canada Energy Regulator
• Modification to Practice 3-7, Visual Inspection
• Modification to Practice 3-5, Training
• New addition to Appendix “B”, Writing Best Practice

If you have any ideas to revise or improve the Best Practices Manual please use the attached SCGA Best Practices Proposal Form and email it to

For more information relating to Best Practices see the SCGA Best Practices Committee.