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About Us

The Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance (SCGA) was established in 2007. The SCGA is a member driven not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring worker and public safety, environmental protection and the integrity of services by promoting effective damage prevention practices in connection with underground and overhead infrastructure activities.

We know a network of complicated infrastructure delivers heat, electricity, water, phone, and internet, making modern life convenient for Canadians. Every year, however, thousands of buried wires, cables and pipelines are damaged by excavation activities – big or small; this damage is estimated to cost Canadians up to $1 billion annually.

We promote ‘Dig Safe’ and ‘Click Before You Dig’ in Saskatchewan and use of our Sask 1st Call service for locates! Our Crown Corporations are member/sponsors of our organization along with other major industry leaders such as TC Energy; Enbridge Pipeline; ATCO; Crescent Point Energy and Plains Midstream.

2022 SCGA Year in Review
2023 SCGA Year in Review

How Do We Operate?

We are a not-for-profit organization with all operating activities performed by volunteers from our member companies. Membership fees fund the SCGA activities. Bylaws for the SCGA outline our governance.

The SCGA’s corporate structure consists of a volunteer Board of Directors, and volunteers for various Committees that are given the responsibility to complete necessary work for the SCGA. We employ a part time Executive Director to manage the day-to-day workings of the organization and ensure delivery of the SCGA Business Plan.

How Do You Benefit as a Member?

Whether you are a facility owner/operator, locator, design professional, One-Call center representative, excavator/contractor, farmer/rancher or other stakeholder, ensuring the safety of those who work or live in the vicinity of underground or overhead facilities and protecting our vital services is everyone’s responsibility.
Since the formation of the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance in 2007, the SCGA is focused on these key areas and are a benefit to each member:

i) Increasing “Dig Safe” and “Click Before You Dig” awareness with stakeholders, collaborating with Sask 1st Call and the Digging Community;
ii) Providing accessibility and education of the CCGA Underground Infrastructure Damage Prevention Best Practices;
iii) Providing those with a stake in safety and the damage prevention process an opportunity to voice concerns or participate in committees that influence the future of damage prevention.
iv) Ensuring growth and sustainability of the organization; and,
v) Working to reduce utility damages and their potential consequences by promoting to our future ground disturbance workers.
vi) Engaging the next generation of diggers in our ‘Ground Disturbance for Saskatchewan Workers’ program.

Who is our Executive Team?

Executive Director: Shannon Doka
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Shannon Doka joined the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance (SCGA) as its Executive Director in June 2019. Born and raised in Regina her experience as a Community Involvement Leader with SaskEnergy Incorporated for more than 18 years provides her the passion for grassroots community engagement initiatives. Shannon works alongside the hardworking volunteers of the SCGA in the Province’s efforts to reduce damages to underground and overhead infrastructure.

President: Derrick Mann
Vice President: Norman Krogstad
Secretary / Treasurer: Ryan Jacobson

What is the Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA)?

It is the Canadian affiliate to the American Common Ground Alliance (CGA) The CCGA’s vision is to be Canada’s unified damage prevention voice and attract members from all Canadian national organizations and associations who share common damage prevention and public safety solutions. The CCGA has 7 regions throughout Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic.

Also a member-driven association who shares the same goals to develop and promoting effective damage prevention practices which we refer collectively to Best Practices.

Why is CGA needed?

The CCGA works to bring together stakeholders to enhance the damage prevention process and reduce damages to underground utilities.

By collaborating and promoting innovation across industries on best practices, Click Before You Dig, DIRT and other key initiatives, CCGA’s members have proven that building consensus brings results. As we look to the future, supporting the CCGA through membership and participation remains one of the most important things your company can do to prevent future damages to underground and overhead infrastructure.